Historically, online marketing has a fairly one-sided approach. Businesses pushed their ideas out and consumers were taking them passively, but that has changed radically today. The internet has become extremely interactive with social media tools having created a new style of communication with billions of conversations happening online. All these talks present exciting opportunities for business. They can engage in conversations to increase their awareness, create their own discussions, and empower their customers to do marketing for them.



Facebook is an excellent opportunity for brands but is increasingly shifting to a pay-to-play model. You will need to work hard enough to get fans for your page. You should post status updates, pictures and videos, but only a percentage of real users will look like on your page. This is what Facebook’s new rules are doing, where it’s more difficult to motivate users to do like. Of course, that does not mean that you can not succeed but you can find huge success by investing in paid Facebook ads that are one of the best investments in social media.

It has the largest percentage of users graduating from college, there you will find a strong middle class. If your brand is targeted at ages 24-50, Facebook is an ideal advertising network. Younger users are shifting to Instagram or Snapchat to communicate digitally. Also it is useful for small and large businesses as well as user demographics overlap.


Twitter has about 20% of internet users and is particularly popular with ages 18-29. There is a slight prejudice from women, but not a large percentage. It is excellent for short communication and tends to become a top choice for consumers wanting to pass their message to companies.

Due to its high usage rate on mobile devices, about 30% of Twitter users check their feeds several times a day. If a user follows your account, he will see your posts (tweets) directly in his updates. This social needs users to invest more time than other networks for this, and the ad platform is relatively new.


Linkedin is the least used social network but has the highest percentage of professionals. It focuses exclusively on professionals, and a broad view here can be of value to business. As a small business it is worthwhile to create a business page for brand recognition by prospective customers.It’s ads are among the most expensive in social media but can be profitable for the right advertiser.


Pinterest is constantly gaining popularity. It is based on the bookmarking model where users deposit things they find on the internet. It is based largely on the visual side and the majority of users are wealthy young women. If your brand has a strong visual communication language, there are plenty of opportunities for success at Pinterest. See companies with a similar market to yours and study how their audience meets.

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