More than 30% of searches now show results from Google Maps. Google continually strengthens Google My Business sites and is therefore displaying more and more local search results.

This practically means that businesses compete not only on search but also on Maps.

How do you improve your ranking?


Which Factors Determine My Google Business Ranking

4 are the key factors that determine the ranking of a Google My Business location: relevance, distance, importance, and age..

Google combines these parameters to determine the locations it will display based on the user query.

For example, Google’s algorithm may decide that a business that is far away from the user is more likely to provide what it is looking for in relation to a closer one. Thus, it may have a higher ranking in local searches.



The site should be relevant to what the user is looking for.

A common mistake most people make is the category choice for the business.

For example, if your business specializes in kitchen renovations, the primary category you should choose is Kitchen Renovator rather than Renovations.


If a user searches for a specific location (e.g., brown haberdashery), Google will take into account the possible distance from this site.

Otherwise (if the user does not specify a location) will calculate the distance based on. the user’s location.


Importance refers to how well a site is known for. Some sites are more important in the real world (eg: museums, hotels). Google My Business tries to incorporate this importance into local searches.

An important role for importance is Google’s information for a business such as links, articles, and directory listings. In addition, positive reviews may improve ranking in local searches.


You should also know that registration age is a criterion for ranking in local searches.

So if you have not registered your business with Google My Business, be sure to do so immediately because time is working against you.

Tips to improve ranking

Take advantage of the new Google My Business Posts feature and post new business news, events, offers and products.

Continue uploading photos and videos which help improve local rankings.

Add a comprehensive description to help Google better understand your business and link it to what the user is looking for.

Encourage your customers to make a positive review of your business and respond to them.

Finally, give the system time to process new data and help your page get  a better ranking on local searches.

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