5 Reasons Your Customers Are Leaving Your Shopping Cart

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On average, 69% of sales in a eshop are lost by shopping cart abandonment. In some cases, the percentage exceeds 83%. This is a big blow to the revenue of online businesses and it needs special attention to be tackled. Find more statistics at Statista Given the above, it is not surprising that there [...]

This will improve your Google My Business ranking

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More than 30% of searches now show results from Google Maps. Google continually strengthens Google My Business sites and is therefore displaying more and more local search results. This practically means that businesses compete not only on search but also on Maps. How do you improve your ranking? Which Factors [...]

Social Media Marketing

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Historically, online marketing has a fairly one-sided approach. Businesses pushed their ideas out and consumers were taking them passively, but that has changed radically today. The internet has become extremely interactive with social media tools having created a new style of communication with billions of conversations happening online. All these talks present exciting opportunities for [...]

The importance of a good blog for your business

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Any business that is interested in succeeding in the Internet world, attaches great importance to creating and maintaining a good blog on its website. What do we mean by "good blog"? By saying "good blog" we mean three things: A page on your site that contains articles related to our site. [...]

What content do you need for the right SEO?

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Content is one of the most important parameters for better search engine results. Google's goal is to find its visitors quickly and easily, quality results for what they are looking for. By continuously improving its algorithm in this direction, Google keeps its visitors satisfied and never loses its credibility. A few years ago, it became [...]

5 Mistakes you make on Facebook ads, which cost you!

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1: Auction against yourself The way ads work on Facebook is that you are in an online auction by giving your audience the ability to click (or do whatever is your goal) on your ad. You pay or when someone clicks on your ad or impressions and your competition is other ads targeting the same [...]